Top 10 Restaurants in Perth

Top 10 Restaurants in Perth


So folks, if you are going to Australia and are planning to have a perfect time with your family or friends, let us do a bit of things for you. Let’s start with the very first thing that is crucial for everybody and everywhere. Yes, it is food that is required for everyone whether you are going on holiday or traveling on a business trip. So, we are going to explore the top 10 restaurants in Perth, the great city and capital of the Australian state of Western Australia. Perth is a city that always grabs the attention of tourists due to its isolated natural beauty and its proximity to the broad desert and eye-catching landscapes. Buckle up your belts because you are going to find the perfect restaurants.

1: Rusty Fig

Rusty Fig

Rusty Fig is a sophisticated restaurant that is located in the heart of Perth. This restaurant offers a mixture of innovative and European-influenced food to its customers. Moreover, they pay a friendly, attentive, and personable service. However, they just not earn their name by chance or just by building a restaurant, but behind the scenes, there is constant and non-stop hard work. Everyone knows the fact that good taste is not sufficient but the same taste each time is more important than that. And in this regard, Rust Fig is a name of trust.

Whether it is a dinner party or a cocktail function, their staff always take perfect care of the priorities of their customers. The restaurant also offers dining and bar space for small parties of almost about 20-200 people usually common in their culture and occurring in the evening. Well, you could say Rusty Fig is the perfect restaurant for dining in, cocktail functions, and even for a wedding reception.

2: Prego Italian Restaurant

Prego Italian Restaurant

When your mind comes to Italian food in Perth, there is no better option than Prego Italian Restaurant. Their food, instrumental vibe, and royal touch to the service to please their customers are outclassed. The restaurant is one of the instrumental names for Italian food connoisseurs. Famous as one of the best Italian restaurants in the city.

Though it is an expensive place to visit. Anyhow their multiple services make it quite balanced for their rates. According to their name, they do not only serve Italian food but have also decorated their ambiance in the Italian reminiscent. So, to their lovers stepping into the place, it is more than a restaurant for them. Furthermore, they have a cuisine so they have a variety of wines. From the antipasto to Gnocchi, their homemade pasta and famous Mediterranean Salad have developed to the next level with their authentic ingredients. So, you could say it is a marvelous hotel to visit.

3: Angel Falls Grill

Angel Falls Grill

If you are a steak lover, this restaurant is definitely for you, my friend. Angel Fall Grill is a place to be for a modern and unique take on Venezuelan food. You will find a remarkable, juicy, grilled, and perfect smoky steak here along with signature chorizo, unique sauces, and typical Venezuelan popular corn products. Furthermore, their irresistible taste and texture will grab your taste buds towards it. If you visit the mentioned restaurant, you will experience appetizing flavors and additionally, their friendly team will take care of every step until your satisfaction level.

However, it has not ended yet as there is much more to listen to. Yeah, with all these delectable flavors, they also offer home deliveries to secure their customer’s time which adds more leisure time. Angel Fall Grill restaurant has also got the title of the first Venezuelan restaurant in Perth. People also love this place as they also offer them to make up their combo meal.

4: Himali Gurkha Nepalese Restaurant

Himali Gurkha Nepalese Restaurant

A place renowned for the perfect taste of Nepal. Though it is located in Perth, Australia. However, Nepalese food is their specialty. They offer their customers a range of veggies in many ways. It is a culinary gem that indicates diners on a delicious journey through the heart of Nepal while enjoying Perth. Sounds wow!

The restaurant menu showcases the diverse gastronomic traditions of Nepal’s Gurkha culture. As you enter, the warm ambiance envelops patrons, keeping the stage for an authentic dining occurrence. To add more charm and sophistication to the environment, the entertaining staff plays their best role to the customer. It is not only a restaurant but a bridge between two different cultures, converting long distances into short.

5: Gusto Gelato

Gusto Gelato

It is an Italian restaurant in Western Australia, Perth. On the restaurant account, everyday Gusto Gelato is hand-made in small batches using habitual artisan manufacturing techniques, getting an acknowledgment in the Northern Italian Town. This restaurant sounds like heaven to those who want an authentic and exquisite taste.

As you enter the restaurant, its magic surrounds your heart, and the alluring aroma of freshly whisked enwraps you. Gusto Gelato has promised its customers a charming and remarkable experience and it is fulfilling it in quite well manner. It’s more than a restaurant, not only a place to fulfill your bellies but a collection of artistry, passion, constant charming hacks, and timeless Italian delight.

6: Le Vietnam

Le Vietnam

It is an exceptional place to visit. Let’s not add spice on our own as this offers a variety of spices that contribute a unique flavor to its food. It is popular for its extraordinary cuisine and delicious dining experience. To maintain their standard, they utilize traditional and high-quality ingredients.

Their commitment to quality makes sure that each meal bursts with flavors and aroma, and maintains the authenticity of Vietnamese cuisine. In every restaurant, presentation plays a high role, and no doubt, Le Vietnam never ignores this aspect and additionally, they have a warm welcome ambiance to their customers.

7: Grand Fish Lane House

Grand Fish Lane House

S,o folks, it appears in the name what their specialty could be… Of course, it would be fish. But the question is how a restaurant can offer fresh fish on a daily basis. Yes, it is a natural question if it comes into your mind. And yet here we are with the answer. Every morning, our strong fishermen set sail and grab the many fish’s attention with the bait.

Their passionate chefs transform that sea treasure into mouth-watering and tempting flavored dishes. They never ignore the traditional ingredients and never forget to add their love to their food. So this is a high-rank restaurant that never neglects its customers and keeps their likes on priority.

8: Fortune Five Northbridge

Fortune Five Northbridge

Oops… this restaurant is badly known for its bad Chinese tea. However, it’s only about tea as their other meals are really famous for their delicious food, flavors, and aromas. Their wine is popular worldwide. Furthermore, the place is considered better for visitors who have to go on the journey. Their tasty fruitcakes, delicious egg tarts, and numerous puddings are not easy to let go.

Also, their staff is very famous for their friendly and energetic vibes. They pay a good warm welcome and attention individually to their customers which looks impossible to do. However, they have earned a name in the heart of Perth by their ambiance, friendly behavior, warm greetings, and delectable meals.

9: Wok & Ladle

Wok and Ladle

Omg, this is a restaurant to Google assigned a rating of 4.6, and it’s not just a mistake but it is what people think of how heart-grabbing this restaurant is. Many of their regular customers consider its brunch and lunch the most tasty and delicious food on the earth of Perth. With a harmonious blend of flavors and textures, each dish describes a story of artistry and a strong passion.

Though their basic decor is quite cramped still food is so irresistible that no one can let go of it easily. The place really does know very well how to serve and offer a more delectable food that grabs customers towards it. From sizzling dishes to the creative use of laddles in their kitchen, Wok & Ladle promised their customers for a delightful and unforgettable dining experience.

10: Arirang Korean Barbecue

Arirang Korean Barbecue

The name Arirang indicates a traditional Korean folk song that is considered an unofficial anthem song of Korea. It symbolized the Korean culture and unity, as well. This restaurant is a mind-blowing place for a delightful and memorable dining experience. As the name shows they serve the finest Japanese and especially Korean barbecue to their customers and they serve it so well that all pride goes to them in this regard.

In the restaurant, customers are seated at tables with built-in grills. They are served with raw meat that customers select and then cook the meal themselves by sitting there. Often this experience makes people very happy as they join groups with others to cook their meals. Also, it is a bit more unique service than other restaurants.

So, the list of top 10 restaurants ends here but whenever you get a trip to Perth in Australia, this blog will definitely help you guys well. Because now you know where to go and from where you can find food according to your taste and mood.

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